Letter: Alarming narcissism of candidate Trump

Alarming narcissism of candidate Trump

To the editor:

Years ago I became certified as a scientific graphologer/IGAS Graphoanalyst, or handwriting expert. I worked in this field for several years and still study it even though handwriting is becoming extinct.

I tried online to find samples of Donald Trump's handwriting. Only his signature is available. You can Google it although it might make you want to run for your life.

But a signature is only how we want to be seen by the public. It is our persona. The bulk of one's handwriting is who we really are. Most people, and especially celebrities, have a signature quite different from the rest of their writing. Interestingly Norman Rockwell's signature is an exception. It is no different from the rest of his handwriting, just a little larger. He was who he appeared to be.

Some prominent therapists in Psychology Today have said that Trump is a classic case of narcissism. "He is so easy to diagnose he talks over people and is domineering. He'll do any thing to demean others, even how they look," said therapist Charlotte Prozan.

Henry Alford, in his psychological profile of Trump, writes that prominent mental health professionals are daring to tell the truth about Trump due to their deep concern about a Trump presidency. "Donald Trump actually a narcissist? Therapists weigh in," Vanity Fair Magazine, Nov. 11, 2015).

Narcissism is a personality disorder characterized by grandiosity, lack of empathy, lack of truthfulness and a tendency to degrade others. Many use fear, guilt and shame to force their control. Possible causes: Early excessive pampering, or excessive criticism, or genetics.

Elna Nugent, Lenox


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