Letter: Albright played God in Clinton rally remark

Albright played God in rally remark

To the editor:

Prior to the New Hampshire primary, Madeline Albright, while standing next to Hillary Clinton at a rally, said, and I paraphrase, that there is a special place in hell for women who do not support women. The response was disgraceful, as everyone beginning with Mrs. Clinton applauded and thought this line was hysterically funny. The reaction to this by women and the media was understandably negative, as they used the gender card for their explanation.

May I respectfully suggest that everyone is missing the point when discussing this statement, as it has nothing to do with gender but everything to do with something far more dark and devious — playing God.

Yes, you can pass judgments, but when you pass judgment on the state of one's soul you are declaring you are God. As the scripture says, remove the speck in your eye and don't judge the plank in another's. Woe to you who declare "I am God," and I will leave the judgment of your soul to Him who will judge everyone.

Frederick H. Paulmann, Stockbridge


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