Letter: Alcohol is problem, not the solution


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat thinks that allowing l8-year-olds to drink will somehow stop campus rape? (The Eagle, op-ed, July 1.) He must not have been around in the l970s when l8-year-old drinking was tried and repealed after so many deaths and problems followed that unfortunate experiment.

What will work to stop both rapes and accidental deaths on campus is better provision of education to students about the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs and the consequences of losing control of themselves. Better enforcement of laws and regulations regarding social organizations and events will work too. When students know that they will be arrested for selling alcohol or drugs, for driving while intoxicated, for public drunkenness, or mistreating others under the influence, they will behave better.

Statistics show that there is a strong link between alcohol and violent crime. Statistics also show that alcoholism often starts in the teen years or in college. Young people need to know that substance abuse and addiction are threats to their lives, their freedom, and their happiness.



North Adams


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