Letter: Alcombright fails city taxpayers


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

North Adams Mayor Richard Alcombright was left with a $3.5 million reserve account that he used to pay down a so-called leftover debt. That debt did not have to be paid, it was a legal way for a cheap loan to the city of North Adams and was his choice to do this. This is turn gained him the support of the city’s union employees, retired city employees, veterans and their families. It was also an attempt to make his predecessor look bad and to throw all blame in that direction, the very same thing he is still attempting to do and has been doing at every opportunity since he took office.

It seems to many city elders and others that Mr. Alcombright is bankrupting them to satisfy some that live out of the city and operate businesses in North Adams. Much of this action seem to be used for his personal gain in election contributions. It seems he does understand that many of the citizens of North Adams are just as broke as the city. Yet he keeps attempting to grab more from the taxpayers and even squeezing some owners out of their homes, creating vacant homes, and or deteriorating properties.

His taxation and fees make it impossible for many of us to update our properties. This action costs the city money in the long run by lost revenues as enhancements are mostly taxable improvements.

Alcombright seems to be all for the business sectors and nothing for the property owning residents! Our street was once a very nice area. It started to go downhill around 2000. We now have abandoned houses that have trash and garbage thrown about in the front yard creating a haven for mice, squirrels and break-ins. We asked the city to at least clean up those properties and secure them as the mess left by the demise of one owner and the abandonment of another to absolutely, the city refuses to help.


North Adams


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