Letter: Alcombright fails North Adams residents

Alcombright fails North Adams residents

To the editor:

The recent revelation that the city of North Adams has fallen behind in its responsibility to provide its citizens with the most basic legally required health inspections demands a community announcement as compelling as Mayor Alcombright announcing his ending of the winter parking ban to all citizens.

That this important and fundamental position has been neglected is an indictment of the administration of the mayor. It is his duty and responsibility to know and understand the day-to-day operations of our city. How do we know we have or have not been exposed to some of the same health issues that have afflicted national chains and small mom-and-pops in the Boston area?

What is more troubling is the mayor's attempt to blame those under his employ. How does the mayor place the health of citizenry at the mercy of a part-time employees' snowbird migration?

This revelation should not come as shock if you follow the tone of the city CEO.

Recently a property overlooking City Hall was condemned and forced the displacement of some eight families. There is a document trail that will point to a failure of the administration and its policy of defunding important, revenue-producing positions. This response is another example of our mayor not addressing the small things that affect our city today and tomorrow.

Mayor Alcombright has proposed in his budget an increase in hours and salary for an office of tourism position to oversee many events which overlap with county and Mass MoCA events. This office and position should focus solely on the promotion of North Adams and encompass the growth and business functions of our regional farmers market as well as the many important activities that help North Adams distinguish ourselves. This appointment should not be a political reward but provide a benefit for the promotion of our city.

The elimination of the position charged with regulating the issuance of permits and inspections lies with not only Mayor Alcombright but our City Council as well. The City Council is the brakes on or the accelerator of the mayor's actions and holds enormous responsibility and power to honor the laws of our city known as ordinances.

Members of the City Council, some of whom are business owners in our city, are responsible with representing the best interests of the taxpayers of North Adams and to understand that the accelerator and the brakes both need both to be checked to ensure forward motion.

Christopher J. Tremblay, North Adams


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