Letter: All colors must unite in pursuit of justice

All colors must unite in pursuit of justice

To the editor:

Just what is going on?

I've always, well almost always, believed we had a justice system that worked quite well, at least for me.

Wait! You've guessed already that my skin is what is called "white," my class the middle one, and yes, I'm male, too, and fairly old, as well. Now that I've blown my cover, on to my point.

Just what is going on in this land of ours where our black brothers, and sometimes black sisters too, have their lives all too often interrupted for merely driving or walking while black? And far, far too often, even terminated by officers of the law for no valid reason, as many recent videos suggest.

Furthermore, adding insult to injury, the perpetrators aren't quickly brought to trial. I can't help but grieve and wonder, just what is going on?

Were I a decent cop, and I've known many, some as students, I could hardly bear the horror of five of my fellows shot dead, seven wounded and, but a few days later, three more dispatched to another world with still three more wounded, all by a second vicious slayer enraged by a set-up he experienced as devoid of justice.

We all should join in a common grief for the loss of those who risk their lives to bring us safety. Strangely, a system, including a few cops to whom black lives seem not to matter, is turning out to be as much a threat to noble officers as to black victims.

We understand why organizations such as the Fraternal Order of Police and the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association are vital to protect officers from unwarranted assault on their often misunderstood performance of their duties with bravery, courage and dignity.

On the other hand, maintaining solidarity with those officers who murder without justification, demeans our law enforcement institution. All good men and women wearing blue must join the majority of their fellow citizens and root out of service those wayward ones in their midst who bring such fear, anguish and sorrow to us all.

We need justice in our land, where all of us, black, white, brown, yellow and blue join hands in standing up for human dignity, with equal opportunity, non-discriminatory opportunity, for each and every one.

Don Lathrop, Canaan, N.Y.


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