Letter: America needs a new party to represent its people


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Although a government shutdown was recently settled, a new date is approaching and we will again brace for a potential shutdown of government services due to the bickering of Democrats and Republicans. The disparities between these parties is bringing our country to a standstill, and has got to stop for the welfare of the country. They must work for the citizens instead of party interests backed by lobbyists for big business.

It is a shame that when we elect our presidents, who are all good men (and someday women) who have good intentions, they become the scapegoat when things do not go right. It is truly Congress that is holding this country down by throwing a wrench into the wheel of progress. This is where blame should fall, not all on the president.

When elected officials don’t meet their campaign promises we think we were lied to, but campaign promises were always meant to be broken, though not on purpose. They have no idea of what they are up against when they get elected. Their fresh ideas and enthusiasm about changing our government are squashed by the philosophies of the two parties.

Maybe it is time to disband the Republican and Democratic parties and make a party for the people, for what we have now is definitely not for the people but for the bottom line of business interests. We as citizens are falling into two categories; the haves and the have-nots. This is a concept that was once prevalent in medieval Europe, but they were better known as nobles and peasants.




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