Letter: An act of kindness to future Marine

An act of kindness to future Marine

To the editor:

Sunday was prom night for Wahconah Regional High School. My daughter was attending with her boyfriend and the preparations were exciting for all involved: tuxes, dresses, flowers, pictures, and more! As her date arrived, he shared a story with me about the beautiful bouquet of flowers he brought which is worth retelling.

When this eager prom-goer went to pick up his flowers, the gentleman engaged him in conversation about his plans after high school. Upon learning that this young man was entering the Marine Corps, the florist provided the prom flowers at no charge and thanked the future Marine for his commitment to our country. The Flower Gallery florist in Adams delivered a random act of kindness that will be remembered always.

Join me in commending this generous and thoughtful person for reminding us we have the power to make a difference by our actions, small and large. And of course, thank you to a dedicated young man, boyfriend, and future Marine who chose a brave path forward, and to all of the men and women who join you in service to our nation.

Margit Hotchkiss, Dalton


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