Letter: An ideal experience at the Beacon


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I’ll admit that I mostly go elsewhere for cinema, but the recent barrage of editorial insults hurled at the Beacon Cinema had me intrigued. So, this past Saturday, I attended The Metropolitan Opera’s production of "La Cenerentola’’ as the majority of complaints seemed to have come from these patrons.

I’ve been to the Beacon before, but was immediately impressed with its cleanliness and surprised by the attentive friendliness of its staff. Prior to entering the theater, we were reminded by a manager of their policy and pleasantly asked to abide by it. There were no objections. No confrontations.

Inside the theater, I was further impressed by the comfort and arrangement of the seats. Conversing with my neighbor, I was told she attends regularly and has always been treated wonderfully.

The opera was of course magnificent, but I left the venue a little disappointed that I couldn’t join in on the attack of the Beacon or its staff. I had my indignant resistance all prepared, but that was quickly extinguished by an enjoyable experience.

Don’t believe everything you read; the Beacon is beautiful.




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