Letter: Andrea Harrington is true progressive in race

Andrea Harrington is the true progressive in race

To the editor:

I enthusiastically support Andrea Harrington as our next state senator. Harrington is the true progressive in this race who will fight for working families. Harrington understands our needs in North Berkshire.

Many of us are still reeling from the trauma of losing North Adams Regional Hospital. Not only did we lose over 500 jobs in just a matter of days, we lost the heart of our community. Her opponent, Adams Hinds, does not advocate restoring a full hospital. Great Barrington, a community of the same size, but with much more wealth (which means they get heard), still has its hospital.

We need our elected officials working for us again. Hinds does not support a $15 minimum wage across the board, but Harrington does. He has gone back and forth on raising the cap on charter schools, while the state Democratic Party recently voted to support keeping the cap and voting no on Question 2.

During the Senate debate at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Hinds was called out for taking fund-raising money from Kinder Morgan backers and from Berkshire Health Systems. And, it's important to note that Harrington has not dodged questions like Hinds has in previous debates and she has been consistent with her progressive stances. To break it down, Hinds is a clearly a politician, while Harrington is representing us.

During the primary, I logged many hours making phone calls and knocking on doors to help nominate Bernie Sanders as the nominee for the Democratic Party. Bernie took the mask off of the party to reveal how corporate interests run this country and why so little gets done in Congress for working families. We need to get big money out of politics and Harrington has made this a crucial part of her fight. She understands that until this happens, politics will not work for us.

Please join me in voting for Andrea Harrington on Sept. 8. She will represent all of the counties, even the ones without a strong voice (or a big wallet).

Dawn Klein, Adams, The writer is a parent and public school teacher.


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