Letter: Anger in America triggered by government

Anger among Americans didn't start with Trump

To the editor:

Lately there's fear in the eyes of the liberals. They're scared. Scared of Donald Trump and what his rise means for them.

What they don't understand is that they produced Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump is not the source of America's anger.

It's been festering for years and didn't start with the Democrats. It started with a government that grew from a relatively simple concept of taking care of roads, bridges and national defense, into cradle-to-grave handouts and promises segregating major segments of our population.

America's government has produced two classes — the makers and the takers. Half of America is afraid of losing what it has been given and America's other half is mad as hell that even more will be taken. Those of us who feel America is lost forever want it back.

Mr. Trump's supporters' anger has been brewing for years and is finally overflowing. It's been a long dark time for much of America and Mr. Trump is simply releasing pent-up anger and pressure.

My biggest fear is that Hillary represents more of this pent-up anger, and liberals are blind to it.

Thomas D. Gilardi, Pittsfield


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