Letter: Angry, frightened US is doing ISIS' job for it

Angry, frightened US doing ISIS' job for it

To the editor:

Americans are playing into the hands of ISIS, and Donald Trump is instrumental in making that happen.

ISIS wishes to radicalize the West into closing its borders to Muslim immigrants and restricting their rights as citizens. This has been partly accomplished here in the states by just one shooting in San Bernardino. Radicalized Americans begin to suppress the rights of the American Muslim population, as well as closing their borders to others, which will inevitably lead to the radicalization of at least some American Muslims, which increases the possibility of additional attacks on domestic soil, which inevitably leads to a further suppression of Muslim rights.

ISIS believes that attacks on US and European soil will help trigger a series of events that will create a seismic rift between the Muslim world and the West. This would be the culmination and realization of Osama bin Laden's dream, whose influence continues to be felt today. This is a game of chess with ISIS five moves ahead of us. They understand how reactionary Americans are, and how we charge blindly into conflict, believing that "might makes right."

But unlike armed conflicts of the past, it has not yet dawned on Americans that the size and number of weapons no longer determines outcome. State-of-the-art fighter jets cannot effectively compete against sleeper cells, suicide vests and small, concealed dirty bombs. There is no "battlefield" any more. There will no longer be one phalanx of soldiers lined up against another. The balance of power is shifting.

If one terrorist attack by two people in San Bernardino can radicalize Americans to the degree that it has, imagine what 260,000 bombs did to radicalize Muslims in Iraq alone, not to mention the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

Stop being so naïve. We dismantled their governments and reduced their countries to gravel. Who other than ISIS is promising them a way out of the morass and sense of hopelessness, as dark and as apocalyptic as it is? Meanwhile, millions of Americans who also feel hopeless, frustrated and disenfranchised are turning their anger and intolerance toward Mexicans and Muslims by supporting the most mean-spirited and dangerous personality since Joe McCarthy. ISIS could not be more pleased.

Jeffrey Reel, Sheffield


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