Letter: Anti-pipeline crowd is not being honest

Anti-pipeline crowd is not being honest

To the editor:

It has come time to set some things straight about the Kinder-Morgan pipeline since the NIMBY/anti-crowd is being dishonest or worse, seriously ignorant, and the lies and misinformation are going unchallenged. We even have to suffer through claims like those from Dr. Rose in his letter of Dec. 4 that anyone who has done their homework must agree with these lies!

Gas is not "fracked". Just like troops don't get killed (troopers do) our lazy use of language leads to confusion amongst the knee jerk crowd that supports their side's issues without informing themselves. Wells are fractured but the gas coming out is the same. To the "nofrackedgasinmass" folks: be honest, our gas today comes from hydraulically fractured wells and YOU are burning it to heat your home.

The gas does not have extra stuff in it to contaminate our water. That is an issue where the fracturing fluid is disposed, and should be addressed. It has no bearing on where the gas is sent.

We do need more capacity. The attorney general's study was dishonest in ignoring heating needs and everyone in the "no" camp conveniently ignores our high prices and use of oil for electricity. Be honest, if you have that sign up you are advocating for oil-generated electricity!

You are also a hypocrite, heating with gas, taking your share while blocking others, selfishly. If you truly believe the message on your yard sign, turn off the heat, cut the power and let the sun shine in your windows for heat and light.

Finally, the lie that using gas somehow slows the advance in cleaner sources just shows the no crowd is willing to use scare tactics on the gullible. We can use relatively cleaner gas AND invest in clean energy. At least we should be able to, and we must if we are to get middle America to support addressing climate change. Cutting off access to existing sources only gives fuel to the dubious claim that fighting climate change will hurt us individually.

Let's have this debate but as Dr. Rose said in his letter, do your homework, which the doctor clearly has not done in favor of accepting the talking points fed him.

David Wimberly, Pittsfield


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