Letter: Apolitical Bloomberg is right choice for rep.

Apolitical Bloomberg is right choice for rep.

To the editor:

There are 160 state representatives in Boston. We get one. I've supported our current representative, Tricia Farley-Bouvier since she was part of the WHEN group that helped Pittsfield shake the cloud of indecision of the '90s.

However, this Sept. 8, we have the right candidate, at the right time, to take the next step for Pittsfield. Mike Bloomberg has a background in finance, technology, and in building a business. He has visited and studied cities that have faced many of the same hurdles we face now. He has gone outside of the box that is Pittsfield and is bringing fresh ideas back.

There are two parts of politics, one I enjoy and one that's not my bag. I like the part of politics where people think together, pool resources and visions and make decisions that support people to try and strengthen communities. The second part of politics is the "politics" part of the process that leaves a bad taste in our mouth. It's about who you know, where you worked or what you did for someone in the past.

This summer I have heard Mike Bloomberg get into the details of redevelopment at the William Stanley Business Park and offer tangible solutions. This summer I have heard Mike stand up for the small businesses on North Street who are getting the raw end of the deal when it comes to tax rates compared to big box stores.

I've listened to Mike stand up and talk about the drugs, the crime and the blight in our neighborhoods, he didn't offer a fluff response, like more police. He dives into the root cause, poverty, and can walk you through the fundamentals of what can bring cities back.

A state representative's job is to create legislation and bring funding back from Boston so that local groups who understand local issues can make effective changes that help grow our community. This is where I draw a major distinction between the two candidates. Rep. Farley-Bouvier has exercised her political clout to support bills such as prescription eye drops legislation and a vehicle mileage tax. These are not the priorities of Pittsfield, and not a single bill she has proposed has passed in five years.

On Sept. 8, I'm voting for Mike Bloomberg because his #1 priority is economic growth, and that's what we need.

Nicholas Watroba, Pittsfield


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