Letter: 'Apology to Elephants' shows how we can help

'Apology to Elephants' shows how we can help

To the editor:

Please don't miss the Pittsfield screening of the award-winning HBO documentary "An Apology to Elephants," executive-produced and narrated by Lily Tomlin. It's being shown at the Berkshire Humane Society, 214 Barker Road in Pittsfield on Sunday (Feb. 28) at 3 p. m., and is sponsored by the Berkshire Humane Society and Berkshire Voters for Animals.

The film traces our long history with elephants and explores all the problems that arise when they live in captivity, in zoos and circuses. But it also shows the inspiring movement to reverse these long-standing abuses, and what the public can do to help.

This is the film that the Dalton Lions Club pressured that town's public library not to show last spring for fear too many people would learn the truth and vote in favor of an ordinance outlawing exotic performing animals in Dalton. Now is your chance to see it in its entirely (less than an hour) and to learn what is and can be done to help these magnificent creatures.

Cathleen Groves, Savoy The writer is a member of Berkshire Voters for Animals.


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