Letter: Article ignored Muslim connection


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In the Jan. 1 issue’s front page recap of the top news stories of 2013, the Boston Marathon terror attack by the Chechen Muslim Tsarnaev brothers was featured.

Via Google, I learned that Tamerlan [now dead] and his younger brother Dzhokar were and are devout Muslims. Their Islamic beliefs, as written in their holy book, the Koran, were their primary motivation to kill innocent Americans at the Boston Marathon.

The article [by David Crary of the Associated Press] does not identify these killers as devout Muslims. The Eagle is being "politically correct" like most American media in covering up the terror acts of young male Muslims for fear of being accused of Islamaphobia.

Most American Muslims are law-abiding good citizens. However, you rarely hear their voices raised against the Islamic terrorists in their midst. The Eagle has failed in its obligation to report the whole truth.




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