Letter: Artist portrayed American essence


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In "Failing Rockwell, readers" (Eagle Feb. 22), op-ed columnist Carole Owens states, "He did not recreate what America was, but what he and all of us wished they were." I disagree.

Norman Rockwell was a cultural genius. He visually captured our strengths and weaknesses and made them all acceptable with loving humor, especially the ones in those of us lucky enough to have grown up in small town mid-century America where everyone knew everyone. These towns may have had the most appreciative and forgiving culture that ever existed on earth.

The reported devaluing of his character in Deborah Solomon’s biography could well be an enactment of her unconscious envy of what we had and no longer have that she didn’t at all consciously intend. It would be good to hear from her about it.


Canaan, N.Y.


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