Letter: Artistry is hard, vandalism easy


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Thank you Marguerite Bride for missing my sheep that was displayed on North Street in Pittsfield. ("Vandals’ act is a loss for Pittsfield," letter, Jan. 8). I often wonder if the artwork placed around Pittsfield is appreciated at all, especially in a situation like this when it is vandalized.

Pride, talent and hundreds of hours and dollars are put into these endeavors. It’s sad to think that it takes just one thoughtless person to destroy it all; not only for me the artist, but for all of the public. I am truly disappointed that "Reminiscent Mount" will not fulfill its year-long exhibit.

We as artists are privileged to have the beautiful city of Pittsfield to exhibit our art. With the city improving the placement of the art with new printers to display in and the very helpful city highway department along with Rebecca Tefft as the recreation activities coordinator, Pittsfield can’t help but become a more beautiful place.





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