Letter: AT&T has hacker problem as well


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Consumers beware: Along with your credit card purchases at Target, you better scan your AT&T phone bill as well.

Recently, my daughter visited the AT&T store in Pittsfield to inquire about an upgrade on her phone. She was told she could not obtain one because the two available upgrades on our family plan were taken about one week before. The "upgrades" were two $700 Galaxy tablets. In addition, our family plan was changed which resulted in an increased monthly bill.

When my husband called to find out what the heck was going on, he was told he had to show up in person with a driver’s license, an electric bill, and another form of ID before an AT&T representative would speak to him. When he arrived, they first insisted the two tablets must have been purchased by two of our daughters with the phone numbers that the tablets were upgraded with. Furthermore, since they were an authorized AT&T store for merchandise only, he would have to travel to Holyoke or Northampton to resolve this issue. They also informed him this was the fifth or sixth similar case since November in which accounts were hacked. The merchandise is being sent to Lawrence, Lowell and Worcester.

Needless to say, we will be switching our plan to Verizon or Sprint. Now one of us has to take time out of our busy day to travel out of town to iron out this whole mess. Shame on AT&T or our communication-obsessed society?




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