Letter: Attack on Sanders is typical of Hillary

Attack on Sanders is typical of Hillary

To the editor:

In the April 10 editorial "Ugly fight bad for Democrats and the nation," The Eagle failed to mention that Hillary Clinton's statement "I don't think that he'd done his homework...and that does raise a lot of questions" was a response to Joe Scarborough questioning her if Bernie Sanders was qualified to be president. You also failed to make any mention of the Washington Post headline "Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be president." Why didn't you present all of the news so the editorial would be in context?

The editorial states that Sanders "responded as if he had been viciously attacked." If you want to witness "vicious" and "ugly," you need only revisit the Clinton/Obama race of 2008. Here are a few beauties. Her staffers circulated a picture of Obama wearing a turban-looking headdress. Her campaign proliferated rumors that Obama was a Muslim. When asked if Obama was a Muslim she responded by saying that there was no evidence of that "as far as I know."

Is Hillary Clinton qualified to be president? Taking a cue from Hillary Clinton, let me respond this way:

Sixty percent of Americans don't trust her and 62 percent also agree that she'll "say or do anything" to become president, and that does raise a lot of questions.

Robert Andenmatten, Housatonic


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