Letter: Attend information session on proposed pipeline

Information session on proposed pipeline

To the editor:

By now, most people in the Northeast know that there is a huge fracked gas pipeline project proposed for our area: Northeast Energy Direct would cut a swath through our wetlands and forests on its way to the coast where most of the gas would be shipped overseas for greater profits for the fossil fuel industry.

Whether or not individuals think that is justified, the bottom line is that a 40,000 H.P. compressor station in Windsor would impact the air, water and earth for all of us and our descendants. We owe it to ourselves to become as informed as we can.

Let's all attend the talk given by two physicians, experts in the field of environmental health. Dr. Curtis Norgaard and Dr. Sheila Bushkin are presenting information on pollutants from compressor stations and the health effects for us, the people living in this area. Air and water have no town boundaries. We are all downwind!

Come to the free talk at Windsor Town Hall this Sunday, Nov. 15 at 3 p.m. There will be refreshments and a question and answer period so bring your concerns.

Bob Meyers Windsor


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