Letter: Attitude toward women reveals all about Trump

Attitude toward women reveals all about Trump

To the editor:

In his Sept. 16 op-ed "Trump's war with the U.S. military," Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank begins by describing a conversation that occurred several years ago between Donald Trump and radio host Howard Stern.

Trump, Milbank writes, told Stern that he "slept with many women without getting STDs. 'It is my personal Vietnam, I feel like a great and very brave soldier.'" Milbank adds that when Stern responded, "'Every vagina is a land mine' ... Trump concurred: 'I think it is a potential land mine. There's some real danger here.'"

In devoting the rest of his column to analyzing Trump's attitude toward the U.S. military, Milbank notes, "Trump goes beyond the standard criticism of the president and civilian leaders to condemn the military itself." In doing so, Milbank ignores an even greater outrage: the candidate's glibly equating any woman's body with a war zone ... and himself with a conquering hero.

By coincidence, I have just begun reading Gloria Steinem's "My Life on the Road." Within hours of choking over that op-ed, I discovered, in Chapter 2, "The most reliable predictor of whether a country is violent within itself — or will use military power against another country — is not poverty, natural resources, religion, or even degree of democracy; it's violence against females. It normalizes all other violence. ... It has been part of the history of this country ever since Columbus captured native women as sex slaves for his crew and expressed surprise when they fought back."

Women: Whatever your feelings about the U.S. military or where this candidate stands on other issues, Trump's self-congratulatory hostility toward women concerns YOU, or it should. And you can fight back by voting responsibly in November.

Iris Bass, Lee


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