Letter: Auditor candidate will be fresh voice


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Thanks to the March 9 article by Berkshire Eagle reporter Phil Demers, voters got an early education regarding the three Green-Rainbow Party candidates running for statewide offices.

As the candidate for state auditor, my being described as "new to the political scene" might commonly be misinterpreted as meaning that I am somewhat unacquainted with Mass. politics. While, in fact, I have a long history of political involvement, I actually welcome the idea that I will bring a fresh voice with a new message and relevant ideas to the state’s political arena.

I recognize that the state’s resources are human and environmental, as well as financial. I will introduce a new approach to auditing that says such resources should not be overlooked and can be employed in ways that benefit all of us and the planet we inhabit.

It can also be the auditor’s role to distinguish between spending and investing. We can work to reassure those opposed to "tax and spend" policies that our taxes are being "invested" in the well-being, progress, and future prospects of our people and planet. Such an approach can only strengthen our commonwealth, and enhance, rather than deplete, our economy and resources.




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