Letter: Avoid gutter with strong moral framework

Avoid gutter with strong moral framework

To the editor:

In his excellent Feb. 26 opinion page column, "Trump drags us further into the gutter," Edward Udel points to the very important connection between the candidate's successfully crude manner and the nature of certain TV shows which have made this tone mainstream. I have long been wondering why the connection between this loss of civility in our culture and these shows, films, and violent computer games is not more often made, and why it is not mentioned in discussions of our epidemic of mass shootings.

Crudeness, sex, and violence are everywhere in the media, and eventually get under the viewers' skin without their even being aware of it. As Mr. Udel suggests, children and young people are particularly susceptible.

Censorship seems hard to carry out because of notions of freedom of speech and artistic freedom. Never mind that the originators of this entertainment are probably more interested in making money than creating art.

So parents have an uphill battle supervising what their children are subjected to even as electronic devices proliferate. And mothers and fathers must fight this battle while both holding down jobs. The battle is particularly hard for families with a limited income who cannot arrange as many extra-curricular opportunities for their children and must more often leave them unsupervised.

We live in the information age, and that brings tremendous opportunities with it. Let us do everything we can to support parents and teachers so that young people will have a moral framework to put all that information in.

Christiane Marks, Copake Falls, N.Y.


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