Letter: Avoid NIMBYism on pipeline plan


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I would like to express my viewpoint with regard to the Northeast Energy Direct Project. It is important to consider environmental concerns, but the fact remains that no natural gas will be fracked in our area. The projected pipeline will allow us to upgrade the infrastructure in our area and increase the capacity for natural gas to reach more households.

Many families, like mine, do not have access to a gas line at the present time. Consequently, a harsh winter like last year’s can prove devastating to the family finances. Add to that, six years of an unprecedented recession and we all know neighbors and friends who are down to their last dollar.

New England must reduce energy costs, lessen our dependence on foreign oil and attempt to grow our economy at the same time. The Northeast Energy Direct Project will accomplish all three of these goals. It is projected that the project will create 3,000 family-supporting jobs and reduce energy costs for businesses and residents.

As a professional well-versed in the specifics of pipeline construction, I can attest to the careful consideration given to every environmental regulation and law in the planning and construction of a pipeline such as the one proposed here. The result will also reduce carbon emissions by offering a cleaner fuel to more households and businesses.

It is time we Americans stop the "Not In My Back Yard" attitude and take charge of our own destiny. By developing American energy sources, investing in our own vital infrastructure, and creating jobs in our own communities, we can grow our own economy for the next generation.



The writer is business manager for Laborers’ Local 473.


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