Letter: Bad decisions led to NARH closing


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Nowhere in the May 14 letter "The real debate in wake of NARH closing" could I find the cost of debt service for the fiasco of buying Sweetbrook Nursing Home for a very high price and then in a relatively short time selling it for a very low price. The interest charge on a yearly basis I suspect to a certain extent drove reductions in services and staff.

Of what benefit to patients were the renovations, in particular to the lobby and other eye candy? I suspect it had more to do with making a good impression on the next in the line of CEOs hired for bailing duties, as the ship was listing. At least one of the CEOs had no experience running a community hospital. But as each of them exited, there was a severance package, no matter their proficiency. Seems like the only answer at that juncture was more curtailment of services and employees.

The condition the board of trustees found itself in with the hospital’s finances did not happen in a matter of weeks or even months. To claim otherwise indicates the need for new spectacles. And what of the former employees who did their jobs, where is the accountability?




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