Letter: Bad gun plan is also a power grab


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

To the sportsmen and women, shooters, hunters, and gun collectors of the commonwealth, please continue your involvement with the legislative process. Please do not take one second off from your vigilance. The Legislature just passed an actually decent law that addressed many problems with the firearms licensing system, and fixed many issues that were present in the previous law. But, do not sit back and think that it is all over.

Yes, lawful gun owners were able to compromise with the Legislature and reach accord on H4376. That is a good thing. However, a far worse issue sits just over the horizon. Warren Tolman, who is running for attorney general, has vowed to institute a requirement for all new handguns sold in the state to possess "smart gun technology." Such technology does exist, in an extremely limited form. There is one gun presently made in .22 caliber that has the device he wants to mandate. It requires a wristwatch-sized transmitter to be worn by the owner of the gun to allow the gun to shoot. Such a device, when coupled with the gun, costs in excess of $2,000.

It also has many problems, not the least of which is that it will preclude spontaneous one-hand shooting. If the transmitter is not on your left hand and you want to shoot one-handed with your left handed, as in a self-defense situation, you will have to ask your assailant to wait a minute while you swap it to the other hand. Ludicrous? Absolutely. And believe it or not, criminals will still get illegal guns to ply their trade.

While Tolman is ostensibly promising to do this in the name of safety, it is a proven fact that criminals do not follow the law. Tolman wants to do this by passing a regulation when he gets elected, bypassing all legislators and usurping the power of the elected legislative body. Tolman is only doing this in a bald-faced attempt at hoodwinking the voters into supporting him. While the AG’s office has a lot of power, it should not be allowed to override and negate legislative acts. He is only doing this for votes.

We need to join together as never before to defeat not only Tolman’s idea, but Tolman himself. Vote for Maura Healey in the upcoming Democratic primary. We need to send Tolman packing. We need to make yet another statement to the politicians who would take away our legal rights, that we will not sit still for such. The lawfully licensed gun owners of the state of Massachusetts are not the problem. We do not need further laws and onerous regulations, we need more common sense, i. e. more prosecutions of criminals. Send a message to Tolman that his vote grabbing campaign and attempts at hoodwinking good voters is not going to work.




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