Letter: Ban all truck traffic from scenic Route 183

Ban all truck traffic from scenic Route 183

To the editor:

I strongly agree with a recent suggestion that truck traffic be banned temporarily from Route 183 in Stockbridge. I would go much further and go back to a total ban on commercial truck traffic.

Maybe everyone has forgotten but Route 183 is a designated scenic road where commercial truck traffic was formerly prohibited. So those damaged bridges were probably not designed with the huge trucks that now use Route 183 in mind.

I constantly see people jogging, biking and even walking on Route 183. Or at least trying to. I personally think it is too dangerous, particularly with the trucks.

There is a long blind curve going north from the old DeSisto School property. The speed limit is 30 mph, which no one actually obeys. I recently came around that curve to find about eight teenage girls jogging in a group. They were spread out in a pack blocking about a third of my lane with a car approaching from the opposite direction, and because of where they were on the curve, they really had no room to move out of the road. They were very lucky it was me and not a truck speeding around that curve.

On another occasion I came around that curve to find about five people spread out across both lanes. They were lucky too.

Let's preserve this beautiful, scenic road and ban the trucks.

Deborah Miller, Stockbridge


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