Letter: Bass wrong on Rand, Catholicism


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I have long been a fan of Milton Bass’s columns. No more. I began to enjoy Mr. Bass’s column this past Sunday on Mr. Brat’s Virginia’s primary victory until the end when he mentioned Ayn Rand’s "philosophy of ‘Objectivism,’ which has been fascinating to many, especially Catholics." Especially Catholics?! How many Catholics does Mr. Bass know, and with how many has he discussed Ayn Rand?

I happen to be a (not very good) Catholic who has a master’s degree in English from a Catholic university, along with Catholic education from kindergarten on, and I do not know one Catholic who even reads Ayn Rand. I read "The Fountainhead" (not at university) more than 30 years ago and instantly dismissed her as a wacko.

In fact, the only Catholic besides Mr. Brat I know of who admires Ayn Rand is Rep. Paul Ryan. Their belief in Objectivism is totally coincidental, and seriously inconsistent with their professed religion.

I looked up "Objectivism" in the dictionary and on Wikipedia. It involves perception of reality as being outside the mind, based only on the senses. And its only morality is personal happiness. Sounds very Catholic to me. All those personal senses having experienced the Trinity and angels, not to mention the Immaculate Conception. And we believe only in personal happiness; that’s why our clergy dwells on sin and redemption, as well as a duty to help the unfortunate.

If I were an employee of The Eagle and had written a statement regarding the "special fascinations" of Jews and/or African-Americans, I would probably be dismissed. But Mr. Bass can make "objectified" comments on Catholics?

Face it, Milt, you are out of touch. Time to retire, and try to encounter some Catholics with your senses.




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