Letter: Be informed about Peru turbines


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Wind Turbine Syndrome is in its infancy as cases are being identified and criteria developed. The impact of wind turbine noise is being identified.

One of the biggest impacts of wind turbine noise is sleep deprivation which is well known and studied in medical literature and is known to create multiple problems including decreased concentration, mood disturbance and daytime fatigue which can increase risk for accidents and decreased productivity including academic and work performance. The audible sound has a different constant thumping quality compared to average road and background noise and ironically is quietest when standing right under the hub. The noise gets louder as it is projected out and particularly into hilly and mountainous terrain versus flat land.

There is also a subthreshold noise/vibrational quality humans cannot hear but has an impact. This subthreshold noise can get inside a building or home even with the windows closed. This type of sound contributes to problems in the inner ear resulting in ringing in the ears, dizziness and headaches. In response to the stress of the constant noise, vibration and sleep disturbance the body increases production of stress hormones which increases risk for anxiety, heart disease and other chronic illness.

We do know that many people living within close proximity of industrial wind turbines are experiencing these health effects and we know people affected by wind turbines are suffering, moving from their homes and their quality of life has changed for the worse. Do we really want families and children placed in harm’s way and quality of life sacrificed in the name of industrial wind turbine development? Falmouth has been court-ordered to shut operation of the two town-owned wind turbines from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., Saturdays, Sundays and major holidays as there was strong enough evidence of the negative health effects.

Do we want to allow this harm to be continued as wind turbine development targets small hilltowns and ridgelines? How many Berkshire residents will be impacted if these industrial wind projects are approved? Low frequency sound can travel up to 10 miles and there are 564 properties including land and homes within a three-mile radius alone from this current five wind turbine proposal.

If you are concerned about your beautiful county and the well-being of families and children living here become informed and attend the Zoning Board of Appeals public hearings to be scheduled at the end of February at the Peru Town Hall and speak your mind about the big wind proposal for Peru. These meetings will be open to all and you have a right to speak your concerns. For more information go to garnethillwind.com




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