Letter: Be patient, alert at tricky intersection

Be patient, alert at tricky intersection

To the editor:

In her letter of June 17, "An accident in Dalton is waiting to happen," the left lane on Main Street where it intersects with Park Avenue is not a left-turn only lane. Just above the turn onto Park Avenue the right lane ends and is merged into the left lane. I don't know why someone would be switching lanes there other than that he/she encountered a car in the left lane that was turning, didn't want to wait, and carelessly started over without looking to see if someone was in the right lane.

I turn onto Park Avenue all the time and make sure my turn signal is on in plenty of time to alert anyone following behind me who isn't patient enough to wait for me to turn to get into the right lane. We should all be more alert when behind the wheel!

One more comment unrelated to this situation. When will people realize that Massachusetts has a law mandating that headlights be turned on when windshield wipers are in use? On some very dark stormy days, I have encountered numerous vehicles without the lights on.

Sue Barnes, Dalton


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