Letter: Be prepared for serious car problems


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

If you have an automobile where the accelerator sticks, or the brakes fail, or if you have a tire blow out, follow these instructions:

n Stuck accelerator: Shift to neutral, try to get to the side of the road with the vehicle’s momentum, and then turn off the ignition.

n Brake failure: Shift to the lowest gear, which in an automatic transmission is second or third, and in a standard transmission is first or second. Then apply the emergency brake slowly. When the car comes to a stop, turn off the ignition.

n Tire blowout: Shift transmission to the lowest gear. Drive straight ahead and apply brakes slowly. When the vehicle stops, turn off the ignition.

Remember, to be able to steer and brake, you must be running. This is why you turn the ignition off after you are safely stopped.

Show this letter to your family tonight and post it in your vehicle so you can read it every time you start your car.




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