Letter: Becket transfer station victim of bureaucracy

Becket transfer station victim of bureaucracy

To the editor:

First it was the Becket dump. Then it became the Becket transfer station. Always it was a friendly place, a place to meet neighbors and to visit.

Recyclables are free. To dump garbage you need a sticker (which costs $1) on each bag. Forever it seems, these stickers could be purchased right at the transfer station and pasted there on the bag to be deposited.

Now, due to some bureaucratic decision, you have to drive to town hall, about six miles south of where you want to leave your garbage, to purchase stickers. Additionally, since Town Hall is closed on weekends and the transfer station is opened to weekenders (who do pay taxes) on Saturday, there is no way to get the necessary stickers.

I hope that this is discussed at the upcoming Town Meeting and this stupid rule is changed.

Lydia S. Rosner, Becket


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