letter: Before 'rescuing' dogs, use some common sense

Before 'rescuing' dogs use some common sense

To the editor:

I am an animal lover and have always had a beloved dog. Presently the light of my life is a little Havanese and I enjoy taking him everywhere if the temperature is moderate. I am very glad that Gov. Baker signed a law that allows good samaritans to break windows if they see a distressed dog in oppressive heat in a closed car.

But please people, let's use some sense in judging the distress.

Wednesday at Guido's it was 64 degrees outside and I had all the car windows open. When I came back, a woman had a pad and pencil in her hand and was writing down my license number. She admonished me in no uncertain terms, so I explained that it was 64 degrees and my dog was leisurely looking out the window with his water bowl at his side. She then told me that a policeman walked over and was looking in my car.

Let's not penalize pet lovers by randomly breaking in windows and calling the police. Observe the situation and use common sense. We love our dogs.

Susan Zuckerman, Pittsfield


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