Letter: Berkshire Town dogs deserve a chance


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

My name is Laddie. We dogs at Berkshire Town Apartments are so special when you get to know us. We heal broken hearts, we enliven sad spirits, we change the angry hearts -- if we are allowed to get close to them -- and we help create community.

If the angry and vindictive hearts refuse to get close to us they tell management they don’t like us. That makes our owners and the people who love us very unhappy. We can’t even release ourselves on our own property, we have to do it somewhere else. The rules should be that our caregivers clean up after us because we don’t know how to do it for ourselves. It is all about respect for each other.

There are seven pages of rules for us. The humans live together and they don’t all like each other but they are not told to stay in their rooms if someone doesn’t like them. We love to visit the community room just to say hello, to communicate with community members as we come and go and to play in the sun rooms.

I hope the management will come and discuss this with us so we can get more out of life and be happy and free as we live our lives at Berkshire Town.



This letter was written on behalf of the dogs of Berkshire Town.


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