Letter: Berwick merits more coverage


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

We are distressed that the Eagle has given so little press mention to Donald Berwick, who in our view is the most outstanding candidate for Massachusetts governor in the upcoming Democratic primary on Sept. 9.

Don is a progressive with a plan for single-payer -- Medicare for all -- in Massachusetts, reducing our state health care budget and freeing funds sorely needed to create jobs, repair our roads and bridges, and invest in education and energy innovation. He’s the only candidate opposing legalized casinos and is on record against the gas pipeline. His is a "jobs agenda."

As physicians, we support him for leading his organization’s work with hospitals to reduce errors and infection rates, resulting in the salvage of over 100,000 patient lives. President Obama chose him to lead the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid where he once again was outstanding. We find no other candidate with a résumé of such great executive experience and accomplishment. His is a clear-eyed and passionate message, one that stirs similar feelings in those of us lucky enough to have met him and heard him speak.

Donald Berwick has inspired the greatest number of volunteers and the greatest grassroots momentum. He can win! Why is your paper stonewalling him?





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