Letter: Best Buy loss attests to Berkshire isolation

Best Buy loss attests to Berkshire isolation

To the editor:

To the editor:

During the past several months, my wife has had reason to take advantage of the services offered by the MedExpress Urgent Care clinic at 999 Dalton Ave. near the intersection with Hubbard Avenue in Pittsfield, as our great primary care physician was unavailable. The service there has been prompt, efficient and truly exceptional. We saw knowledgeable primary care physicians and in one of our visits saw an X-ray technologist as well.

All personnel are local, with the exception of the doctors, who are rotated on a weekly basis. The facility is operated by United Health Care and is truly an asset to this community. Everyone should be aware of what United Health Care has made possible in this area.

That is the good news because competition breeds excellence and lack thereof breeds mediocrity. The bad news is what we recently went through trying to find a replacement laptop computer for one that had died. We ended up going to Holyoke to the Best Buy store and received exceptional treatment from the Geek Squad and the sales people in that store. To salvage what we could of the memory in the old computer and transfer it into the new one that we had selected required two trips to Holyoke.

This dramatized for me the desert we live in here in Berkshire County with respect to stores that not only sell but have the skills to fully service the newest technology. While we were at the Holyoke Best Buy, we learned that the Best Buy at the mall in Lanesborough had been a high traffic store with a high sales volume until the previous owners decided to quadruple the rent for their location, from $11 a square foot to $44 a square foot.

It is really a problem to have lost that store in Berkshire County. I really hope that now that there are new owners of the mall in Lanesborough, they might consider trying to get a Best Buy back by lowering the exorbitant rental per square foot. Such a store is not only badly needed in this area but based on our own experience, it would bring some much-needed traffic to that mall since the store was always a great place to wander and see what was new and available and had always been staffed by people who understood their products.

Robert and Carla Skidmore, Pittsfield


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