Letter: BHS should toss inpatient beds for all of Berkshires

Toss inpatient beds for all of Berkshires

To the editor:

I would like to make a modest proposal.

I propose that Berkshire Health Systems eliminate all inpatient beds at Fairview Hospital and Berkshire Medical Center. BHS sees how wonderfully the residents of North County are benefiting from the lack of a full service hospital, so it is only right to bestow those benefits to the entire Berkshire population.

Eliminating all inpatient beds in Berkshire County would allow the entire population of the county to concentrate on "wellness programs." Eliminating all inpatient beds would likely increase BHS' surplus from $42 million to $84 million. BHS could then raise the compensation for its top 10 people from $6.7 million to $13.4 million. Eliminating all inpatient beds would establish one level of care for all residents of North, Central and South Berkshire County.

I hope the trustees at Berkshire Health Systems act on this modest proposal. The residents of Berkshire County will realize that it is not that far a drive to Albany or Springfield.

Mike Wilber, North Adams


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