Letter: Bianchi is a proven commodity as mayor

Bianchi is a proven commodity as mayor

To the editor:

This year voters will again be asked to make a choice between two nominees for mayor. Speeches about visions, qualifications, ideas and promises have been made on many fronts. I believe that my having been a four-term mayor gives me an understanding of what credentials and experience are necessary to draw from to move our city forward. I would like to share with you my observations.

This city has been hit hard economically; most recently with SABIC walking away. We will be challenging our leaders to guide us through these anxious times. Crucial problems demand timely resolutions. Delays will only increase the size of the pile when added to the problems that the next day will certainly bring.

To accomplish this a leader requires a diverse and tested background to be effective. It is naive to think that a mayor is allowed the luxury of polling their constituents on each and every matter. Consensus may make one feel warm and fuzzy but taking a stand for what is right long before the rest make up their mind is too often crucial.

I truly believe that only one candidate comes with a track record and proven credentials in the areas that really matter. Dan Bianchi has at present, worked with, managed and directed hundreds of city employees, department heads and labor unions. He has taken pivotal roles on the School Committee, PEDA board and a host of other committees and agencies throughout the city. He has performed with due diligence administering a budget of over $145 million. This track record should not be ignored when asking oneself which candidate is most likely to succeed in moving us forward.

Dan Bianchi has clearly demonstrated the attributes required to be our mayor and I encourage you to continue supporting him at the polls in this coming election.

Charles L. Smith Sr. Pittsfield The writer is a former mayor of Pittsfield.


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