Letter: BKC member decides to leave Kripalu


To the editor:

I am a longtime resident of Berkshire County and a long time member of the not for profit Berkshire Kripalu Community (BKC). For over two decades, I have enjoyed the benefits of this membership that include reasonably priced and high quality yoga classes. BKC members pay a fee for yoga, of which a percentage goes directly to Kripalu.

Because of my BKC membership, I have come to know the offerings of Kripalu and on many occasions I have paid full price to enjoy the health services, a meal or to shop at the gift store. There are 800 other members of the BKC who have enjoyed a similar relationship with Kripalu.

Apparently, the board of Kripalu no longer wants to associate itself with this large community based organization. How disappointing that Kripalu, who sees itself as a community and education orientated organization, has turned its back on the very community that has given it time, support, energy, goodwill and money.

The one-day discount that Kripalu plans to offer falls far short of the type of commitment and relationship building that the BKC has demonstrated over the past two decades.

The Kripalu Board should know that I will no longer tout the attractions of Kripalu to my guests and friends who regularly visit the Berkshires. And I certainly will no longer visit this institution.

Katherine Levitan



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