Letter: Blame US health system for North Berkshire situation

Blame US health system for No. County issues

To the editor:

People who complain about not having full service from Berkshire Health Systems in North Berkshire County apparently don't realize that they are living in the USA, the only developed nation where people don't have the right to health care on price-controlled pharmaceuticals. That would be socialism, and socialism leads to communism just as surely as smoking pot leads to opioid addiction and drinking beer the certainty of alcoholism!

The fact that we have government-supported schools, fire departments and publicly owned and maintained roads doesn't count!

Residents of the US are forced to buy health care at exorbitantly high prices because government support is bad and only capitalism (private ownership for profit) can save us. All of this might be humorous if it weren't so serious.

Pharmaceutical companies complain about the cost of research but still receive huge grants from the government and public contributions to the American Cancer Society, diabetes association and other health groups.

Robert Gorden, Becket


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