Letter: Bloomberg exemplifies youth Pittsfield needs

Bloomberg exemplifies youth Pittsfield needs

To the editor:

As a lifelong resident of Pittsfield, I am a woman who has raised her children here, sometimes by myself, but always surrounded by the goodness of our community. That community includes some of the most devoted family members: health care providers, educators and public servants who care deeply about Pittsfield.

We have health care in Pittsfield, equal to, and in so many ways, better than the care you have to travel 50 and sometimes 150 miles to receive. These providers choose to work here, to educate their children here, and serve our community here, a place where you receive care from people who know your name.

Our children are taught in a school system by a host of dedicated individuals. These educators are the force that keep our schools open, our children safe, and teach our children beyond the classroom, in a grand way, with a restricted budget.

We know our firemen, our policemen, and EMTs, dedicated first responders who are our neighbors and friends. We know our political leaders and city officials. Pittsfield is all about community, but it's a community that needs new energy.

On Sept. 8, I'll be voting for Mike Bloomberg for state representative. Mike is a product of this very community, a success story who has gained experience around the country and has returned to breathe fresh life into a tired city. We need this.

There isn't one of us who doesn't wish the young would stay or come back to Pittsfield to raise families. Now, here we have an opportunity on Sept. 8 to take action on these conversations.

So to the parents and grandparents who are reading this, this letter is for you. If we want Pittsfield to be a great place for young families, the Pittsfield we grew up in, that attracts smart young adults, let's start by electing one on Sept. 8. Let's elect Mike Bloomberg.

Bernadette C. Kennedy, Pittsfield


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