Letter: Bloomberg offers energy, new ideas

Bloomberg offers energy, new ideas

To the editor:

In 2011, I served as field organizer for Western Massachusetts for Barack Obama's campaign. In spite of a lifelong passion for women's liberation, my deepest conviction was that Barack Obama was the right person for the job.

These past eight years, I've learned to be a political operative and mentored young women in the field. You may be surprised that I'm now working for Michael Bloomberg, a millennial who grew up here in Pittsfield, a graduate of Pittsfield High, and UMass, in his race to become the next state representative of his home city.

Why would I work for Mike, rather than support the incumbent, a lovely woman who has been a friend?

I believe we need new energy and ideas. Pittsfield is a treasure, but the city desperately needs bright, creative thinkers who can create the kind of jobs that will keep and bring in youthful energy.

As I have gotten to know Mike, I see Pittsfield through his eyes, a walkable, green, beautiful downtown, a city with history yet even more potential. He sees a city with great education for ALL children, and safety in every neighborhood. He sees citizens of all ages integrated for the betterment of all.

Most importantly, he has a realistic vision for how we get there. He worked in finance in the heart of New York City, and has studied urban revitalization efforts around the country. He wants to bring back the lessons learned from other cities and states, and put them to work for the town he grew up in.

People often talk about women working together, and I know that can be a beautiful thing. I am also finding that Mike naturally collaborates, not merely as a strategy, but rather as an innate understanding that that is just how things get done. I'm impressed.

So Pittsfieldians, mark your calendar — Thursday, Sept. 8 — and cast your vote for Mike Bloomberg.

Susan Olshuff, Lenox


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