Letter: Bloomberg offers hope for Pittsfield's future

Bloomberg offers hope for Pittsfield's future

To the editor:

I knew Mike Bloomberg had my vote within the first hour of meeting him. At the same time I walked into his campaign office in early June, I was planning my escape from Pittsfield once and for all. As a first generation and recent college graduate, I couldn't wait to thrive in an unknown place and leave this perceived area of political and economic decline.

Now, I believe in the future of Pittsfield for the first time in my life. Now, I envision settling down and starting a family in the Berkshires. Right now, Pittsfield and the Berkshires need people like myself to think this way for its long-term survival and growth.

Now, our beautiful city needs a transformation. Mike Bloomberg is a component of this transformation. As I sat down in his office that sunny day in early June, Mike listened and engaged with issues such as Black Lives Matter: its misconceptions and importance. He listened to my concerns about drug addiction in the Berkshires. He listened to my ideas about creating a thriving start-up and entrepreneurship culture that's energizing cities across the U.S.

I don't believe anyone has the ability to confront challenges, fight for the oppressed, and reinvigorate our community quite like Mike does.

We need a dedicated individual with measurable results in Boston. We need politicians to actually listen and engage with our community, especially those of color and socio-economically disadvantaged individuals.

Our votes truly count and create results when we elect the right people. If our leadership continues to fail us, my generation will be forced to leave and miss out on our families, natural beauty, and cultural vitality.

Jordan Wood, Pittsfield


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