Letter: Bloomberg will focus on Pittsfield's real needs

Bloomberg will focus on Pittsfield's real needs

To the editor:

I grew up in Pittsfield, work two jobs, pay my taxes, and am currently saving up to buy a home. I'm constantly out and about in the community and because of that, I've seen Rep. Farley-Bouvier many times. She would show up, listen to people for a bit, pose for a few pictures, and I never thought much of it. Honestly, I barely knew anything about what a state representative does.

As I've gotten older and begun paying more and more taxes, I've finally started paying attention. I've tried to do my homework, learning as much as I could about all of the issues. While I've educated myself, I realized that a lot more of what happens in Boston affects me than I thought.

Our state representative is supposed to make laws on our behalf, and get funding on our behalf (after all, it's our tax dollars anyway). I get that money is hard to come by in Boston. I get that laws take time to pass too. But what I don't get is why our representative isn't focusing on the biggest needs of Pittsfield?

Prescription eye drops, vehicle miles tax, GMO labeling? These bills help some people, but in a city that is losing jobs left and right, and where I see my tax bill double, those just aren't our priorities. Not every bill needs to help me, but these bills don't help the people who work hard every day just to scrape by. They don't help the seniors who see their taxes go up, but not their Social Security. They don't help our kids, our teachers, our police, or our firefighters. It's just fine that our representative wants to fight for some unique issues, but if you want to do that, how about we make sure we have a city that's in good shape first? Pittsfield isn't; we're broke and we need leadership.

I'm supporting Mike Bloomberg on Thursday because he's focused on fixing the basics. I can understand if my representative struggles to gain traction in Boston, but at least struggle for what we need to help this community.

Jacob Rand, Pittsfield


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