Letter: Bloomberg's 'attacks' were truthful statements

Bloomberg's 'attacks' were truthful statements

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in response to Judy Williamson's recent letter in support of Rep. Farley-Bouvier.

Rep. Farley-Bouvier has certainly been a co-sponsor on many bills, but that's just signing your name onto someone else's work. The point Mike Bloomberg was making is that she has never successfully been able to get a bill that she originated to pass.

Rep. Farley-Bouvier's "accomplishments" are for the most part the fruits of other legislators' labors which she was then able to attach her name to. His "attack" was a truthful statement and completely consistent with how Mr. Bloomberg has run his campaign; backing up his opinions with firm, factual evidence. Trying to link Mr. Bloomberg's campaign with the vitriol and negativity that dominate national politics is completely disingenuous. Scrutinizing Rep. Farley-Bouvier's record is not only appropriate, but how voters should act with any incumbent candidate.

Mr. Bloomberg is a young person and many supporters of Rep. Farley-Bouvier seem to find that as a negative. I seem to remember someone else with boundless energy and big ideas who happened to be fairly young during his first election; his name was Ben Downing and he worked out pretty well for our community. In fact, with the aging population and flight of youth from the area, who better to understand what it will take to retain and bring back the young people of Pittsfield than someone who is one? With his valuable financial background and more importantly, his experience studying urban revitalization, Mr. Bloomberg finds himself well-positioned to be a leader in the effort to reinvigorate our city.

Rep. Farley-Bouvier is a wonderful person and has done her best, but she simply falls short of what our community needs. Being among the people and attending local events is important to staying in touch with constituents, but it is meaningless for an elected official if they cannot provide those constituents with the voice they need in Boston. On Thursday, I'm voting for an effective voice in Boston: Mike Bloomberg.

Joan Grossman, Pittsfield


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