Letter: BMC makes for a good Thursday


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Last Thursday I spent the day within the one day surgical unit of Berkshire Medical Center. From the seven-year veteran who admitted me with a smile, to the charge nurse who smiled and wheelchaired me to the car, I had nothing but stellar care.

A nurse noticed the hard narrow gurney in unit 7 and brought in a wider, softer gurney. As I was about to request a blanket, another nurse appeared with two heated blankets, then a third for my shoulders. They gave me a plastic "bear’’ through which warm air encased my body! Several members of the anesthetic unit came in. I chatted with one who lives in Colonie. A distance each day, I said, but, she replied that BMC has a family atmosphere which helps her be a better nurse -- and so it went.

The surgery completed, I came back to unit 7. Pittsfield’s own Gene Curletti stood there, looked into my eyes and quietly, not turning aside, said yes, cancer of the colon, and went on to say we’ll do some blood work before you leave and schedule a CAT scan next week. He was called away to take a phone call. Returning with a smile, he said, "Oncologist Zimbler will be with us.’’ Perhaps he knew that Dr. Zimbler cared for my wife through her breast cancer and 11 years later her terminal big C.

An Easter event for me! Not only learning this truth made it a good Thursday. The staff of BMC I met, with friendliness, interest, and splendid care made my visit truly good.

We who live in Berkshire County can be filled with joy that we share this most humane and human-centered medical center. As I fill out the report cards for the women and men caring for me on good Thursday, I write down an unending string of A-plusses.




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