Letter: Board fails Dalton on pipeline


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I want to thank The Eagle first of all for the editorial of June 30 regarding the Tennessee Gas pipeline ("Pipeline anger growing.") And secondly, I want to declare openly that for the first time in the nearly 15 years I have resided in Dalton I am today ashamed to admit it.

Although numerous citizens of the town have tried to convince our town select board to rescind its initial uninformed decision to grant permission for Tennessee Gas to survey public land in Dalton, it now appears that that’s what will happen since it was disclosed Monday night at a special town meeting that the surveying is to start as early as next week. In solidarity with all the other towns surrounding Dalton, I was hopeful that the board members could swallow their pride and rescind their decision to do what is right for our town, our region, and most importantly for future generations.

A resolution was overwhelming passed Monday night by the citizens to ban new high capacity/high pressure pipelines and to champion sustainable energy.

My hopes have been dashed, my respect for some members of our community has been greatly reduced, but my admiration for others in our community who on their own did their homework and contributed some useful information at last week’s select board meeting and at the special town meeting has given me an outlet of release from the frustration I feel. I have just read about a last minute effort to greet the surveyors with letters of denial to survey.

Are you listening, members of the Dalton Select Board? It is not to late to rescind your decision. I would take great pride in personally handing a denial letter from you to the Tennessee gas surveyors.




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