Letter: Brewster train station sets traps for riders

Brewster train station sets traps for riders

To the editor:

Last weekend we drove to Wassaic to take the MTA train to New York City. When informed that tracks were under repair, we hightailed it to the southeast station. It had a long line of cars so we drove to the next station, the village of Brewster, found a spot for daily parkers, and boarded our train.

When we returned, I remarked to my wife that almost every third car had a ticket on it. Maybe it wasn't free on weekends as it was at Wassaic? No, we had a ticket, too, because our front end overlapped the sidewalk — for $50!

In all our worldwide travels, we have never heard of such a rule nor was there any obvious sign prohibiting it. The long sidewalk in front of the cars (all parked perpendicularly) faced a tall concrete wall. There was still room for wheelchairs, strollers and pedestrians.

When we returned home — still fuming from both ears at this gross injustice — we found complaints on the internet going back a decade. One driver who did not park head-in got fined (again, no sign prohibiting this). We looked at the list of possible tickets — all very expensive — and realized that Joseph Heller must have designed it all. If you pulled in front first, you got a ticket for a centimeter overlap of the sidewalk; if you backed in with front facing out, you got a ticket. If you simply parked and were unaware of the clever "trap" set for you, you were likely to be ticketed.

Since we cannot drive 150 miles round-trip to fight the ticket — do you really think the justice court there will dispense justice? — we are prepared to take Brewster on as a project, like a mini-North Carolina with its illegal bathroom law. The only way to combat this rotten system is to make Brewster lose money and face if it doesn't repeal most of it. I will use the social media, request the New York State attorney general to investigate Brewster, urge the local written press and TV stations to investigate, and request that all of us "pass Brewster by" and not buy any of its gas, food, etc.

Fifty dollars is not small change to any of us. Most of us just pay it and move on. But this an outrageous injustice that must stop. You wonder why people are fed up with government? Brewster is contributing greatly to this unhealthy feeling. I practiced law for decades and rarely have seen such arrogance and unfairness.

If any Eagle readers would like to help me, particularly with social media, I would appreciate it.

Peter Herman, Pittsfield The writer can be contacted at pjh16@earthlink.net.


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