Letter: Broadband logjam hurts towns like Otis

Broadband logjam hurts towns like Otis

To the editor:

Dear Governor Baker:

We, the undersigned residents of Otis, with an interest in bringing all of Western Massachusetts into the digital 21st century, are deeply concerned over the continuing delays, obfuscations, inadequate communication and lack of transparency that continue to plague such efforts.

Two recent news items were separately reported, yet are inextricably linked.

The first is the March 14 letter from the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) announcing that your office has requested a "pause" in the broadband project in Western Massachusetts. This is ostensibly to instruct MBI to analyze all options relating to technologies, cost projections, design, delivery, governance, et al.

The second is an article in the March 26 Berkshire Eagle quoting the U.S. Census Bureau's estimate that the Berkshire region is losing population at a rate greater than any other area in Massachusetts. The Census Bureau tags us as an "aging population" with fewer children. This coupled with anecdotal evidence from real estate agents that homes and businesses without current or prospective access to high-speed Internet are essentially underwater and unmarketable.

Undoubtedly, without high-speed internet this population exodus will continue to depress the real estate market and provide a negative incentive for businesses to stay or relocate here.

The "pause" for an MBI (re) analysis begs the question: What exactly have they been doing for the last eight years? Many communities have followed MBI's lead and held up their end of the deal and voted dearly earned local tax dollars to help fund the project. MBI has not followed suit, delaying the start of many make-ready projects.

We call upon you, through the strength of your office, to release this logjam and commit to the following:

* A date certain for the conclusion of the analysis "pause," with timely and public progress status reports.

* Publication of up-to-date estimates of all technical and financial costs to facilitate local technical, financial and budgetary planning.

* Convocation of a public meeting of all interested parties including, but not limited to, the governor's Office, attorney general, MBI, town representatives, and citizen broadband interest groups.

We here in the "Golden West" are also part of Massachusetts and the 21st century. We have a lot to offer to visitors from the East, out-of-state tourists and second homeowners. But we need the tools, population and entrepreneurs to stay productive and attract and retain all those that can aid in this endeavor.

Bob Rosen, Otis The letter was also signed by Ken Mayer, Arlene Tolopko, Dave Rice, Frank Tolopko and Dan Wollman, like Bob Rosen, members of the Otis Citizens for Connectivity.


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